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Afternoon Brief, November 13th

Italian Watchdog Launches Wine Bottle Cartel Investigation: The Italian competition authority, the Autorità Garante della Concorrenza e del Mercato (AGCM), has launched an investigation into a possible cartel among manufacturers of wine bottles...

Digital Wine Labels Become Mandatory for Wines Sold in the EU

“Qr Codes & EU Digital Wine Labels” Master Class by OENsights Coming in November 2023 November 13th - Digital nutritional wine labels, accessible via QR...

Afternoon Brief, October 27th

To Boeschen, committing to this small safety net in times of emergency isn’t just the right thing to do. It’s the way labor relations are headed in the wine business...

PDO Champagne: French Exports 1995-2022 

October 27th - We’re celebrating the Global Champagne Day, with a look at French exports from 1995 to 2022. The “PDO  Champagne: French exports...

Afternoon Brief, July 12th

Growing Cover Crops Under Vineyard Vines Is a Sustainability Strategy: Practice can cut herbicide use, reduce labor and provide ecosystem services for grape production...

EU Wine Exports Trends Jan-Apr 2023

Business as usual on the surface, but surprises lie beneath  July 12th - Eurostat’s preliminary data, for April 2023, allow us to paint a clearer...

Afternoon Brief, May 1st

Abrupt Closure of San Francisco Wine Startup Leaves Customers with Thousands of Bottles Stuck in ‘CloudCellar’: The offer was enticing: Pay $25 for a bottle of wine, and you might get upgraded to a bottle worth $100 or more. Better yet, the San Francisco tech company Underground Cellar promised: It would store your wine purchases — up to 500 bottles — for free in a “CloudCellar,” then ship them to you whenever you wanted...

Afternoon Brief, April 19th

The Carbon Economy and Vineyards – What’s the Status Quo?: The carbon economy is making headlines at the moment as many developed countries contemplate carbon emissions reduction targets and timeframes...

European Wine Exports 2022 – Grow in Value but Not in...

April 19th - The top 10 wine producing countries in Europe are France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria, Hungary,  Greece, Romania and Bulgaria according...