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Afternoon Brief, June 26

Courtwatch: Class Action Lawsuit Claims Copper Cane's Elouan Brand Deceives Buyers: Copper Cane has been hit with a proposed class action lawsuit alleging the company misled wine buyers because the 2017 Elouan Pinot Noir made representations on the labels, boxes, and marketing materials that the wine was made in the state of Oregon, or in the specific AVAs listed on the product's packaging but was vinified and bottled in the Napa Valley in California...

Afternoon Brief, June 24

The Evolution of Premium Canned Wine: How a growing number of boutique, sustainably-minded wine producers are carving an upscale niche in the canned category...

Afternoon Brief, May 18

The First Wineries Re-Opened This Weekend, but Restrictions Still Present a Challenge: Ernie Bayless said he and the staff at Wise Villa Winery, located about a half-hour northeast of Sacramento, California, got the word last Tuesday that they could reopen...
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