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Afternoon Brief, November 15

Wildfires Make Winery Coverage Too Hot for Some Insurers to Handle: The North Bay wine industry is feeling the heat from recent wildfires, but not how you might think. Insurance experts say that as part of a wider company review the international insurance house Lloyds of London stopped underwriting what are known as stock-throughput policies for larger, premier wineries in the region because of the seemingly annual risk to wine production and storage caused by wildfires...

Afternoon Brief, November 1

U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein Says Senate Approves New Funding, Resources for Combating California Wildfires: Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Thursday released the following statement after helping securing additional wildfire funding and resources in the package of funding bills passed by the Senate...

Afternoon Brief, September 26

How Cameron Hughes Plays the Allocation Shuffle with California's Wine Glut - The last time I interviewed Cameron Hughes, CEO of the giant wine distributor under his name, he told me about how some of most illustrious cult wines of California, whose bottlings win 95-point ratings from the wine media and sell for hundreds of dollars ...

Afternoon Brief, May 1

Merger Promises New 'Big Data Era' for the Wine Industry: One of the US's most popular consumer sites, Wine Folly, has merged with the Global Wine Database (GWDB) and unveiled plans to make big data about wine accessible to the industry...

Afternoon Brief, March 28

For Cancer Risk, a Bottle of Wine Equals This Many Cigarettes: Drinking a bottle of wine per week may be like smoking five to 10 cigarettes in the same time period, in terms of cancer risk, according to a new study from the United Kingdom ...

Afternoon Brief, February 12

Napa County, Bremer Family Winery Reach Lawsuit Settlement: Napa County and Bremer Family Winery settled a lawsuit brought by the county against the winery over alleged permit and code violations, ending a dispute that called into question how the county interprets older use permits...

Afternoon Brief, February 4

Should You Ignore What Your Customers Want? The Great Winemakers Do: Among French wines, Château Pétrus is legendary. Consumers pay over $1,000 for a single bottle. Talking with Christian Moueix, the owner and long-time winemaker of Pétrus, Kellogg's Gregory Carpenter asked an innocent question: When crafting a wine, how do you think about the consumer?

Afternoon Brief, December 12

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Vintage Wine Estates Acquires Layer Cake, Cherry Pie, and If You See Kay Brands Vintage Wine Estates today...

Afternoon Brief, June 29

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Wine Executive Charles Banks Sentenced to Four Years for Fraud Wine executive Charles Banks was sentenced to four...

Afternoon Brief, March 21

Distilled Spirits & Wine Demonstrate Strong Growth While Beer Continues Reinvention: The distilled spirits, wine and beer industries continued to adapt to consumers' changing attitudes towards beverage alcohol. Industry-wide premiumization kept pace with consumer interest in high-quality products. And Millennials continued to drive expansion and migrate toward brands with heritage, authenticity and quality...

Afternoon Brief, February 7

eBay Partners with WineDirect to Support Thousands of Small and Medium Sized Wineries and Grow the Wine Marketplace for Consumers: Today, eBay announced a partnership with WineDirect bringing wine from around the world to its eBay Wine marketplace destination. The new partnership with WineDirect, the industry leader in direct-to-consumer services for wineries, provides consumers direct access to inventory for these wineries, including wines not normally available online...

Afternoon Brief, January 17

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Meritage - Death of a Marketing Label As searches for the term enter a terminal tailspin, W. Blake...

Roadrunner Food Bank and St. Clair Winery Aim to Solve Hunger...

Las Cruces, NM (March ­ 2016) – This month St. Clair Winery will host a wine and food event to promote to the public in...

St. Clair Winery Earns Recognition From OSHA

Beginning at noon on Thursday, March 10, Southwest Wines Inc., doing business as, St. Clair Winery will be recognized by Occupational Health and Safety...

Afternoon Brief, May 19

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief Trending Story: Congress Moves to Protect U.S. Wines from Canadian Tariffs Rep. Mike Conaway (R-TX), Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, has...