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Afternoon Brief, March 3rd

Fire & Ice: Can Pruning Practices Mitigate Effects of Climate Change?: As scientists and legislators search for large-scale solutions to extreme weather patterns, wine-growers are look for short-term fixes that they hope will help increase their shot at a successful harvest. For many, that means changing pruning practices...

Wine Retailers Statement on Critical Legislative Reform to Illinois Alcohol Distribution

National Association of Wine Retailers Thank Senator Rachelle Crowe for Sponsoring Senate Bill 2976 March 3rd (Springfield, ILLINOIS)—The National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) issued...

Afternoon Brief, January 26th

Ford Pro, Sonoma County Winegrowers Join Forces to Electrify Business of Farming: One of the most forward-thinking winegrowing counties in the United States is looking to advance its sustainability mission, and the Ford Pro™ suite of electric vehicles, charging and telematics services has been tapped to help make that happen...

New York Consumers Would Finally Get Free Trade in Wine Under...

National Association of Wine Retailers Thanks Senator Shelley Mayer For Supporting New York Wine Retailers and Consumers with Introduction of Retailer Wine Shipping bill January...

Afternoon Brief, July 15th

Sonoma DA Files Civil Complaint Against Krasilsa Pacific Farms: A Sonoma County vintner faces thousands of dollars in fines over a series of alleged violations at a ranch in Alexander Valley, according to court records...

Wine Retailers Ask Supreme Court to Overturn Ban on Wine Shipments

The National Association of Wine Retailers Submits Amicus Brief In Eighth Circuit Wine Shipping Case Implicating the Twenty-First Amendment and Dormant Commerce Clause July 15th...

Delaware Set to Ban Hundreds of Kosher Wines in Wine Shipping...

Under Current Provisions of HB 210, Delaware Consumers Will Be Banned From Receiving Shipment of more than 600 Different Kosher Wines June 8th - (Dover,...

Afternoon Brief, March 23rd

Oregon’s Alcohol Producers Temporarily Stop A 3000% Tax Hike: What happens to Oregon’s alcohol taxes? That’s what the former sponsor of a spiked bill to raise taxes on alcohol by up to 3,000% wants to know before she decides whether to back any similar bills in the future...

Proposed Law Promises to Expand Wine Choices for Maine Consumers

National Association of Wine Retailers Applauds Introduction of Wine Shipping Bill March 23rd - (Augusta, MAINE)—The National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) and Maine consumers...

Afternoon Brief, August 12

Wineries Worry About Impact of Water Rules: A new statewide order affecting how wineries dispose of water could undermine existing regional solutions, winery owners and their advocates say, and would impose new costs as the wine business struggles with tasting room closures and other measures intended to assure employee safety...

Afternoon Brief, July 10

Wine Labeling Controversy Triggers Class Action Lawsuit: A Napa Valley winery is accused of misleading consumers about the origins of its Oregon-labeled wines in a proposed class action lawsuit filed June 18...

Grandstanding and Support of Special Interests Harms Wine Consumers in Ohio

National Association of Wine Retailers Renews Its Offer to Ohio to Provide Millions in Tax Revenue Through Reform of Antiquated, Protectionist Wine Shipping Laws...

Afternoon Brief, May 5

US Drinkers Have Increased Wine Consumption During Lockdown, Led by More Involved Drinkers, as Interest in Locally Produced Wine Surges: America's 77 million regular wine drinkers upped their frequency of wine consumption during the pandemic lockdown, despite the closure of many on-premise establishments, according to new consumer research out this week...

Afternoon Brief, April 21

European Winemakers May Have to Turn a Billion Liters of Wine into Industrial Alcohol: Coronavirus has been a devastating blow to an already struggling EU wine market...

Afternoon Brief, April 15

Top-Tier Napa Cab for $10? With Bulk Wine Prices so Low, New Brands Offer Deep Discounts: It sounds too good to be true. A $50 Napa Cabernet, repackaged and sold for $10 a bottle. A $40 Anderson Valley Chardonnay priced starting at $1 a bottle. How, you might ask? Because it's bulk wine...
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