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Afternoon Brief, May 23rd

North Bay Farmers Still Concerned About Drought Effects and Heavy Rains: The heavy rain pattern of early 2023 delayed the planting season in some areas and has contributed to rising food prices, while increasing costs for farmers still recovering from high feed prices incurred during the drought...

Afternoon Brief, September 27th

Southern Oregon is known for it’s abundance of wineries. But smoke from wildfires in recent years has sometimes affected the taste of the wine. Smoke damage from wildfires are costing wineries billions of dollars across the west coast...

Celebrate Diwali Season with Female Indian Owned Wine Brand, Naidu Wines

The best wine to celebrate Diwali season is with Naidu Wines - a female Indian immigrant owned wine brand producing award-winning Sonoma County wines.  ...

Afternoon Brief, April 1st

When Smoke Gets in Your Wine: With so much at stake in the world’s wine industry, UC Davis researchers are focused closely on mitigating the effects of climate change in viticulture...

First Female Indian Immigrant Owned Wine Brand, Naidu Wines, Successfully Launches...

Raghni Naidu successfully launches new wine brand paying tribute to her journey and Indian heritage, carving out a space in an otherwise, traditional industry Sebastopol,...
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