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Afternoon Brief, June 13

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Freak Hail Storm Hits Napa Valley Vineyards Freak hail storms struck the Napa Valley on Sunday 11 June....

Afternoon Brief, January 3

Napa’s Waugh Family Wines Sues Bronco Wine Co. for ‘Six Degrees’ Trademark Separation: Napa-based Waugh Family Wines on Friday said it has sued Bronco Wine Co., which has a large south Napa Valley bottling operation, claiming trademark infringement on Waugh's Six Degrees Wine brand...

Afternoon Brief, April 26

Rep. Mike Thompson Introduces Tax Bill to Benefit U.S. Wine Industry: North Coast Rep. Mike Thompson proposed a series of federal tax breaks Monday for the U.S. wine industry, including a proposal to slash a tax on sparkling wine that has lingered since the aftermath of Prohibition...
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