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California’s Cannabis Industry Reinvents the Concept of Appellations

The California cannabis industry is finally getting their first appellations this year, and they have learned a thing or two from the wine industry about how to craft thoughtful appellations. I had the pleasure of interviewing Hezekiah Allen, the executive director of the California Growers Association (CGA), someone who has been advocating for appellations in the cannabis industry for more than a decade.

A Foot in Two Industries: How Wine and Weed Cross-Pollinate

Cannabis has long been grown in the shadows, under the canopies of the Emerald Triangle, while wine grapes were grown in the neighboring counties of Sonoma and Napa in the open, under the warm California sun. Now, cannabis, a plant whose flowers can be worth as much as gold, is beginning to emerge from those shadows and venture into the mainstream. The same can be said for business professionals who are also emerging from other industries, like wine, to embrace the opportunities that the cannabis industry presents. I spoke to two women who have a foot in both wine and weed, starting their careers in the wine industry, and more recently stepping into the cannabis industry, while still maintaining their work with wine.
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