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Afternoon Brief, March 2

Chemical Weed Killer Is Compatible with Sustainability Certification in California’s Wine Industry: After a recent post concerning sustainability, email arrived from people in and out of the wine business on the apparently thorny subject of glyphosate, the weed killer. Being neither expert on glyphosate nor on sustainability, a little research was in order...

Afternoon Brief, September 6

Why Winemakers Should Be Fighting Against Herbicide Drift: A grape grower whose vineyards have been damaged speaks out on why it's a threat to the industry...

Afternoon Brief, February 7

Tasting Room Trend Review and Forecast: What Flipped and What Flopped: Through findings from our Performance Tracker and Benchmarking Tracker tools, we see 2018 trends that worked (and didn't work.) What's unique about us and our study is that we know the winery story behind the data, so we are able to recommend best practices, tips, and tactics...

Afternoon Brief, August 28

Chicago Runs Wine Across the Indiana Border: Chicago has never been a very clean town when it comes to politics or crime. However, given how high state and city booze taxes are here, its residents may feel somewhat justified in turning to illegal activity to access wine at lower prices...

Afternoon Brief, March 7

Wine Market Council and Nielsen Explore Industry Trends: A members-only meeting held Friday by the Wine Market Council and Nielsen at Napa's Culinary Institute of America at Copia provoked a lively discussion of consumer trends in the American wine industry...

Afternoon Brief, January 19

Big Blends Take Over US Wine Lists: Restaurant wine sales in the United States are down and enormous wineries are starting to dominate wine lists, which could change the way people learn about wine...

Afternoon Brief, January 11

The 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Winners: The winners of the 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition (SFCWC) were announced on Friday, after receiving a record 7,162 entries this year the highest number of wine entries to date...

Afternoon Brief, Feb 7

Trending Story: 5 Unified Exhibitors You Should Have Visited Randox offered an excellent opportunity for wineries looking to expand their wine analysis capacity. They brought in their...
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