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Afternoon Brief, April 19

California's First 'Wine & Weed Symposium' Arrives in August California has been a powerful force on the global wine scene for decades. Meanwhile, the state's never been a slouch when it comes to high quality cannabis either...

Afternoon Brief, November 18

Winemaker Without Vines in View as Treasury Emulates Coke: Many vintners would love to own enough wine country to cover Manhattan twice over. Not Treasury Wine Estates, maker of $850-a-bottle Penfolds Grange...

Afternoon Brief, May 13

Frog Eggs Help MU Researchers Find New Information on Grapevine Disease: Vitis vinifera are common grapevines and are the worlds favorite wine-producing varietal. However, research has shown that grapevines are susceptible to powdery mildew, a plant disease, which contributes to significant crop loss for most commercial wine varietals that are cultivated each year...

Afternoon Brief, Jan. 31

  Trending Story: Treasury Wine Estates' profits plunge There was more disappointment and pain for the long-suffering shareholders of Australias biggest wine producer, Treasury Wine...