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Afternoon Brief, July 31

Sonoma Wine Auction Co-Chairs Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson Spill the Beans: As we eagerly anticipate the 2019 Sonoma Wine Auction, to be held September 1921, we thought it would be illuminating to learn a little more about this year’s co-chairs, Gina Gallo and Chris Jackson, who happen to be from two of the most influential, long term Sonoma wine families ...

Afternoon Brief, July 25

Foley Family Wines of Santa Rosa President Hugh Reimers Abruptly Leaves Company: Hugh Reimers, a hard-charging Australian wine executive, abruptly left his position this week as president of Foley Family Wines of Santa Rosa less than two years after being hired to bolster the company's position in the marketplace...

Afternoon Brief, March 28

For Cancer Risk, a Bottle of Wine Equals This Many Cigarettes: Drinking a bottle of wine per week may be like smoking five to 10 cigarettes in the same time period, in terms of cancer risk, according to a new study from the United Kingdom ...

Afternoon Brief, January 18

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2018: Growing Grapes, Family, and Community in Sonoma County John and Terri Balletto planted...

Afternoon Brief, July 27

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: How California's Central Coast Alamo Fire Scorched Vineyard Fierce flames from the Alamo fire in California's Central Coast...

Afternoon Brief, December 23

Global Warming Creating New Cool Climate Regions: Climate change is widening the limits of the latitude or altitude at which wine grape growing is economically possible and creating new cool climate regions, says one expert working in the field...

Afternoon Brief, October 2

Californian Wine Hits Back at Arsenic 'Propaganda': The body representing Californian winemakers has refuted claims made in a study released this week that said potentially dangerous levels of arsenic are present in nearly all American red wine...

Afternoon Brief, June 3

Massive Wine Fraud Sting Nets Prominent Canadian Industry Figures: Montréal police arrested 12 individuals, many in the wine industry, last month in what authorities are calling "one of the most [significant] tax-evasion schemes referring to alcohol contraband in Quebec."

Afternoon Brief, February 4

Micro-Agglomerates: 350 Million Illegal Corks Per Year? Agglomerated cork manufacturers and importers are facing scrutiny from two major federal agencies over health concerns about the plastic used to bind bits of cork glued together. The concern is that chemicals in the binding plastic can leach into wine...

Afternoon Brief, January 19

The growth of premium wines is being restricted by major grocers and tough economic conditions, despite more adventurous consumers seeking them out...

Afternoon Brief, January 16

Wine Anarchy on French TV Talk Show: A televised discussion about the Charlie Hebdo attacks risks censure by flouting a French law banning wine on TV... A televised discussion about the Charlie Hebdo attacks risks censure by flouting a French law banning wine on TV...

Afternoon Brief, January 6

John Pedroncelli, a second-generation vintner who was instrumental in building Sonoma County's wine industry, particularly in the Dry Creek Valley that he called home for almost all of his life, died Sunday at home after a monthslong battle with cancer...

Afternoon Brief, January 5

Shoppers should take care when buying wine in clear glass bottles, says Wotwine, after 35% of wines in clear glass out of the 6,000 wines it sampled in the last two years exhibited signs of damage from light...

Afternoon Brief, January 2

Higher returns low risks, crucial advantages of investing in fine wine: Investors who want to enter fine wine market should know that the industry can be extremely profitable. The secret is to play it safe and not take unnecessary risks...

Afternoon Brief, December 30

Thieves steal over $300,000 worth of wine from French Laundry restaurant: A Christmas Day robbery at Yountville's storied French Laundry restaurant netted a king's collection of fabulous wines worth at least $300,000...
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