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Afternoon Brief, October 19th

Vintners union vows to stop cheap imports from entering French market and says the government ‘bears a heavy responsibility’...

Mark Ryan Winery Announces New Woodinville Tasting Room

The celebrated Washington State winery now offers two tasting room locations in the city, featuring enhanced experiences and event space WOODINVILLE, WA (October 19, 2023) – Mark Ryan...

Afternoon Brief, April 14th

California Vintners Welcome Higher Last-Resort Fire Insurance Limits but Await Return of Private Market: The Golden State raises coverage limits on its last-resort policies after billion-dollar wildfire losses at wineries, vineyards and other ag properties. Here’s how North Coast wineries are coping...

Afternoon Brief, January 27th

Wine Bottle Shortage Is a Myth Says Glass Packaging Institute President: In his remarks and presentation to the press DeFife stated that: “A glass shortage is not an accurate description of the current state of the market. We understand some end-market customers may have issues with getting bottle stock, but that is not a “glass shortage.”...

Afternoon Brief, February 20

When Amazon Hasn't Cracked the Code on Online Alcohol, How Can Grocers? : 2019 was a year filled with retail innovation, especially within grocery. Between robot delivery services and experiential pop-ups, it would seem as though we've mastered our understanding of consumer behavior and created products and services to meet those needs...

Washington Winemakers Tree Branches Out from Chris Upchurch Mentorship

Manage people in a profession for 25 years, as Chris Upchurch has done as the head winemaker for esteemed DeLille Cellars, and you will see some of your best apprentices find better jobs.