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Afternoon Brief, January 11

Napa County Hits The Prisoner Winery with Code Violation Notice: Napa County has told the new The Prisoner winery to stop selling art, stop selling jellies and jams and stop offering food services that the county says are comparable to those found at a restaurant or café...

Afternoon Brief, January 8

Napa County Winery Permit Enforcement Deadline Spurs Scramble for Professionals: Napa County is undertaking a sizable effort this year to tighten enforcement of limits on how much local wineries can grow. But with less than three months until a deadline to file for permit modifications, there's growing concern among the small cadre of professionals usually tasked with such documentation about meeting the deadline...

Afternoon Brief, December 11

Holiday Horror Stories from the Land of Retail: When trouble strikes in retail, it's often during the holidays. The two-week period around Christmas and New Year's Eve is the biggest time of year for wine sales in the U.S...

Afternoon Brief, September 17

Consumers Trade Up, U.S. Wine Sales Rise 3%: Domestic wines gained ground in August, with Cabernet Sauvignon leading the way through both off-premise and direct-to-consumer channels. U.S. wine sales totaled $3.6 billion in August, up 3% from a year earlier according to market research...

Afternoon Brief, August 31

Is Sonoma Reaching 'Peak Wine'? : Wine industry growth has been a rocket for 20 years, its trend line drawn like a mountain incline on U.S. industry graphs. Since 1993, when 370 million gallons of wine were consumed in America, consumption has...

California’s Cannabis Industry Reinvents the Concept of Appellations

The California cannabis industry is finally getting their first appellations this year, and they have learned a thing or two from the wine industry about how to craft thoughtful appellations. I had the pleasure of interviewing Hezekiah Allen, the executive director of the California Growers Association (CGA), someone who has been advocating for appellations in the cannabis industry for more than a decade.

Allies or Adversaries: The Wine & Weed Debate

Do you think that pot will take a huge bite out of wine sales or is this just a tempest in a teapot? Maybe. Maybe not. It depends on which state you’re in, literally and figuratively.

Registration Opens for First Wine & Weed Symposium

Wine Industry Network announces session topics for cannabis and wine conversation Healdsburg, CA, May 3rd, 2017 – The Wine Industry Network (WIN) today announced that...

Afternoon Brief, April 20

Marijuana Poised to Steal Market Share From Alcohol Industry A new study from OutCo and Monocle Research shows 51% of millennials in California will replace alcohol with marijuana...

Afternoon Brief, April 14

Wine Sellers Push to Allow Shipments Across the Border If a New York connoisseur wants a bottle of wine from a Central California or Oregon vineyard, he or she can have it shipped without any trouble. The same wine enthusiast can also order a bottle to be shipped from an in-state retailer...

A Foot in Two Industries: How Wine and Weed Cross-Pollinate

Cannabis has long been grown in the shadows, under the canopies of the Emerald Triangle, while wine grapes were grown in the neighboring counties of Sonoma and Napa in the open, under the warm California sun. Now, cannabis, a plant whose flowers can be worth as much as gold, is beginning to emerge from those shadows and venture into the mainstream. The same can be said for business professionals who are also emerging from other industries, like wine, to embrace the opportunities that the cannabis industry presents. I spoke to two women who have a foot in both wine and weed, starting their careers in the wine industry, and more recently stepping into the cannabis industry, while still maintaining their work with wine.

Wine & Weed Symposium 2017: Strange Bedfellows or Opportunity Knocking?

Garnering attention from such disparate online news sources such as Forbes, The Emerald Report and Homeschooling Guys, Wine Industry Network’s newest conference, the Wine and Weed Symposium, announced for August, 2017 in Sonoma County, CA, will be the first such pairing of these two industries. One, a tried and true luxury item for millennia, with 170-year old historical roots in California. The other an underground, cash industry coming to the light. How will this match-up work out?

Afternoon Brief, January 24

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Marijuana and Labor Shortages Are Giving the Wine Industry a Headache The U.S. wine industry is poised for...

Afternoon Brief, January 5

Series of Atmospheric River Storms to Bring Risk of Significant California Flooding: The Pacific Northwest has been shivering through another unusually extended wave of subfreezing temperatures and snoweven along the immediate coast...

Marijuana and Wine: Understanding New Competition to Build New Opportunities

The legalization of marijuana in California is a topic with polarizing effects on wine grape growers. Tina Caputo, moderator for WIN Expo’s upcoming session; Marijuana and Wine: Understanding New Competition to Build New Opportunities, believes this topic is important and pertinent to the wine industry.
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