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Afternoon Brief, March 3

American Oak 'Not Suited to Cabernet': Speaking to the drinks business on a visit to the UK to promote the Abreus distribution in the UK through the Pol Roger Portfolio, Grimes said that American oak imparted a dill flavour which was not suited to Abreus style of Cabernet Sauvignon...

Afternoon Brief, February 11

U.S. Wine Export Market Ripe for Growth: Washington wine grape growers should be looking to New Zealand as a model for premium wine production and theres opportunity for growth...

Afternoon Brief, January 14

Could Drinking Red Wine Lead to Better Sex? Good news, wine-loving dudes a new study out of Harvard University and the University of East Anglia found that consuming foods and drinks rich in flavonoids, which are found in red wine, berries, tea, and more, may lead to a decrease in erectile dysfunction, a condition that affects roughly 50 percent of men...

Afternoon Brief, December 4

North Coast Wineries See Opportunities, Challenges Ahead in 2016: The North Coast wine industry remains in a relatively strong position going into 2016 despite a much lighter grape harvest this year and persistent environmental concerns, especially as its water use comes under greater scrutiny in a drought era, industry analysts said Thursday...
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