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M. A. Silva’s One-Stop Shop for All Packaging Needs

M. A. Silva's offers natural wine corks, glass bottles, and boxes creating a one-stop shop for all packaging needs. Our natural wine corks go...

The Leading Manufacturer of Premium Corks, Glass, and Packaging

M. A. Silva's booth will display a full collection of glass molds and natural cork products. Choose from over 35 premade and proprietary molds,...

Leading and Award-Winning Manufacturer of Premium Corks, Glass, and Packaging

Visit M. A. Silva USA at booths #1310 and #330 to discuss your cork, glass, and packaging needs. We are the leading and award-winning manufacturer...

Discover M. A. Silva’s Latest Technology in Cork Sterilization

Launched in 2020, NEOTECH® is used to sterilize cork granules and remove TCA to non-detectable levels*. Our proprietary process uses fluidized bed technology to...

Afternoon Brief, August 20

Wildfires Rage in Multiple California Wine Regions: Blazes in Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz and Santa Lucia are burning out of control, threatening wineries, vineyards and thousands of homes...
AB Hero New Planting

Afternoon Brief, June 29

Pandemic Puts Twist on Vineyard Plantings: John Duarte runs the largest permanent crops nursery in the country and has seen his share of ups and downs since his family opened its namesake business in California’s Central Valley in 1989...

Premier and Premium Cork and Glass Bottles

M.A. Silva USA will be displaying premier and premium cork and glass bottles. Information about our proprietary SARA Advanced technology that sterilizes natural cork...

Afternoon Brief, November 22

In Napa Valley, Winemakers Fight Climate Change on All Fronts: Every wine region has had to deal with some manifestation of climate change, but few have had to deal with as many devastating consequences as Napa Valley. On Labor Day 2017, as the weeks-long harvest was getting underway, the temperature reached 43 deg C here in the heart of cabernet sauvignon country ...

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality

Innovation Advances Natural Cork Consistency and Quality: The SARA ADVANCED® process is unique in its meticulous treatment of corks, and has created a product that virtually takes away the guesswork of using natural corks.

Afternoon Brief, November 21

Three Perspectives on the Challenges of the North Coast Wine Industry: Dire warnings, cautions, and stories winegrowers beginning to feel the pinch of a stagnating wine market have emerged through the harvest season. It's clear, growers and winemakers may have to make hard adjustments for the 2020 market conditions ...

Afternoon Brief, November 20

The Vineyard House Asks Court for an Injunction to Prevent Constellation Brands from Misleading Consumers with To Kalon Labeled Wines: The Vineyard House, LLC (TVH) filed a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to enjoin Constellation Brands U.S. Operations, Inc. from selling wines labeled under the brand name To Kalon Vineyard Company, alleging that Constellation was misleading consumers ...

Support Your Brand with M.A. Silva’s Cork, Glass, and Packaging Expertise

Visit our booth and learn how to best support your wine brand by utilizing M.A. Silva's cork, glass, and packaging expertise. We'll walk you...

Five Award Winning Innovations for the Wine Industry

Five Award Winning Innovations for the Wine Industry - Innovation often happens when a new or growing problem needs to be addressed, but sometimes it happens just because someone brings a new perspective and imagination to the industry.

Afternoon Brief, August 1

How Napa County Seeks to Streamline the Winery Permit Process - Recently, local members of the wine industry in Napa County have been actively engaged with county government in discussions regarding ways to streamline the winery use permit process. Frustrated with the cost and lengthy time frames associated with the current process, local vintners have been ...

M.A. Silva USA Hires Chris Taylor as Purchasing & Supply Chain...

Santa Rosa, CA – M. A. Silva USA, the leading manufacturer of premium corks, glass and packaging in Sonoma County, announced the addition of...