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Women, Wine & Weed

The women on this Wine and Weed Symposium panel are unmistakably movers and shakers of the cannabis community. They approach the responsible marketing and consuming of cannabis as professionals, either migrating from the wine and related business to weed and adding this new frontier to their already busy wine life or transitioning completely.

Will Cannabis Present Cross-Over Opportunities for Wine Industry Professionals?

Liz Gehl, founder and chief recruiter of Gehl Search Partners, has been recruiting in the adult beverage industry for several years, and sees many opportunities starting to present themselves in the fledgling legalized cannabis industry. “Our primary focus is providing incredible talent within sales, marketing, commercial strategy and planning, finance, accounting, and administrative roles”, says Gehl. “The competition for talent exists far beyond the vineyard worker level.” Gehl works with people coming from the adult beverage industry bringing with them professional skill sets within compliance, branding, and marketing that are in high demand.
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