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Afternoon Brief, March 20

How the Flooding Affected Sonoma’s 2019 Vintage: Northern California wineries and vineyards continue to clean up and dry out from the unusually heavy rainfall that hit in late February and caused some of the areas' worst floods in 20 years...

Afternoon Brief, December 23

As explained in a statement, the fusion of these two winemaking bodies brings together two regions that have been growing closer since the 1990s as producers from the Côte d'Or have increasingly invested in Beaujolais in particular...

Afternoon Brief, Mar. 7

Trending Story: Burgundy winemakers go hi-tech in fight against hail Burgundy vineyards could soon be protected from devastating hail storms by technology that supporters say can...

Afternoon Brief, Oct. 25

Trending Story: The Most Avid U.S. Wine Cities Wine is the drink of choice in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, a new survey shows....
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