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Afternoon Brief, July 20

Napa County Questions How Walt Ranch Vineyards Will Mitigate Greenhouse Gases: Developers of the planned Walt Ranch have more work to do before the controversial vineyard targeted for the mountains northeast of Napa Valley can become reality...

Leadership in Challenging Times with Maggie Henriquez, President and CEO of...

Liz Palmer, President of Les Dames d’Escoffier Ontario (Canada) is proud to host “Women in Wine TalksTM” as an online platform to raise awareness...

Afternoon Brief, October 16

Why Wine Country Isn’t Attracting Millennials: Napa Valley, capital of wine tourism in California, pinnacle of New World luxury hooch, has a Millennial problem. The kids might be all grown up by the end of this year, the youngest Millennial will be 23, using the Pew Research Center definition of the generation but they aren't drinking wine the way their parents did, and the arena to see the shift up close is the Napa tasting room...

Afternoon Brief: September 26

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Napa's Bremer Case May Have Larger Winery Visitation Implications Napa Countys court case against Bremer Family Winery east...

Afternoon Brief, September 6

Your Wine Brand Could Be Lost in One Single Trademark Infringement: The landscape of the alcoholic beverage industry in the new millennium looks dramatically different than the drinks business of the 20th century.