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Afternoon Brief, February 3rd

Storms Are Another Disaster for Sonoma County Farmworkers Who Call for More Aid: Because of the work interruptions caused by the January storms, hundreds of farmworkers have turned to local nonprofit organizations and now the county for emergency financial aid and support...

Afternoon Brief, January 30th

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on the Wine Industry Sets the Stage for 2023 Opportunities: The challenges of the past few years have driven significant change in the wine sector, and 2023 will require continued adaptation...

Afternoon Brief, May 5

US Drinkers Have Increased Wine Consumption During Lockdown, Led by More Involved Drinkers, as Interest in Locally Produced Wine Surges: America's 77 million regular wine drinkers upped their frequency of wine consumption during the pandemic lockdown, despite the closure of many on-premise establishments, according to new consumer research out this week...

Afternoon Brief, May 16

French court clears anti-GM vine protesters: More than 50 protestors who destroyed a field of genetically modified grapevines being trialled in Eastern France have had their convictions quashed, to the annoyance of the country's national research body...