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Afternoon Brief, November 18

Wine Moguls Destroy Land and Pay Small Fines as Cost of Business, Say Activists: After California wine industry mogul Hugh Reimers illegally destroyed at least 140 acres of forest, meadow and stream in part to make way for new vineyards sometime last winter, according to a report from state investigators, state officials ordered the former executive of Jackson Family Wines to repair and mitigate the damage where possible ...

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Financial Management: H&A has tailored its leasing solutions for the wine industry, offering customers the most flexible, most advanced and innovative financing. Barrel...

Afternoon Brief, August 10

Prospects of a Light Crop Strengthen Prices for California’s 2016 Wine Grapes: Judging by early results from the unusually early start to this year's harvest, California's 2016 wine grape production could total no higher than average, if that much, reports Jeff Bitter, vice president of operations for Allied Grape Growers cooperative...

Afternoon Brief, June 21

How Vivino Plans to Become the Amazon of Wine: One day about seven years ago, Danish entrepreneur Heini Zachariassen found himself standing in front of an enormous wine shelf at his local supermarket and feeling, as he recalls, "stupid"...

Afternoon Brief June 13

Wine Brand Battles with Its Former Self: It's a cage match between wine heavyweights! In this corner, owned by the world's second-largest wine company, weighing in with tons of ripe fruit, The Prisoner...

Afternoon Brief May 26

Experts: Smaller 2016 Crop May Increase ‘Buyer Fatigue’ from High Grape, Wine Prices: The consumers' thirst for better-quality wine continues to deepen, but the diminishing North Coast supply of grapes and wine may mean less of the growth in higher-end brands will be coming from the region, market experts told a gathering of industry professionals in Napa on May 25 ...

Afternoon Brief May 20

Napa Targeting Virtual Wineries?: Some people who own virtual wineries report that the District Attorneys Office has recently been aggressively pursuing them for offering tastings in their homes or businesses without permits ...