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Afternoon Brief, August 1

How Napa County Seeks to Streamline the Winery Permit Process - Recently, local members of the wine industry in Napa County have been actively engaged with county government in discussions regarding ways to streamline the winery use permit process. Frustrated with the cost and lengthy time frames associated with the current process, local vintners have been ...

Afternoon Brief, March 26

New Collective Brings Applied Research, Collaboration to Winemaking Community: Winemakers have been long been among the original experimenters; that is, those willing to employ trial and error methodologies and information gleaned from other colleagues to continually improve their vintages ...

Afternoon Brief, November 14

Are Napa Valley Growers Smart to Rely so Heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon? : A panel of grape growing pundits held court last week during the Napa Valley Grapegrowers Rootstock trade show on the wisdom of relying so heavily on Cabernet Sauvignon...

Afternoon Brief, September 27

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: WineAmerica Study Shows $219.9 Billion Economic Impact of U.S. Wine Industry in 2017 WineAmerica, the National Association of...

Afternoon Brief, January 10

This will be a brief update, but given the widespread significant storm impacts expected later today I felt a quick post was in order…

Afternoon Brief, January 3

Napa’s Waugh Family Wines Sues Bronco Wine Co. for ‘Six Degrees’ Trademark Separation: Napa-based Waugh Family Wines on Friday said it has sued Bronco Wine Co., which has a large south Napa Valley bottling operation, claiming trademark infringement on Waugh's Six Degrees Wine brand...

Afternoon Brief, January 18

Enhanced El Niño Storm Track Has Finally Emerged; Active Pattern Likely Throughout California Next 2-3 Months: Over the past two weeks, a series of strong and moist storm systems have brought wet and occasionally hazardous weather conditions to different parts of the state...
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