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Afternoon Brief, June 13

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Napa's Watershed C Vote at a Standstill Poor voter response, mail-in ballots and bureaucracy stall a decision on...

Afternoon Brief, August 10

Prospects of a Light Crop Strengthen Prices for California’s 2016 Wine Grapes: Judging by early results from the unusually early start to this year's harvest, California's 2016 wine grape production could total no higher than average, if that much, reports Jeff Bitter, vice president of operations for Allied Grape Growers cooperative...

Afternoon Brief: June 16

Online wine sales make up 5% of the market - but are on the rise: Don't wine about it: Online wine sales accounted for a mere five percent of global sales of whites, reds and roses last year - but are expected to rise sharply, according to a study released Monday at France's Vinexpo wine fair...

Afternoon Brief, July 10

A Casino in Napa Wine Country?: Three million visitors come to Napa every year to enjoy great wine, food and gorgeous scenery. But some vintners are worried a casino may join the landscape, and the issue has created a bitter legal and public relations battle...

Afternoon Brief, May 21

Los Angeles Plans to Ban New Vineyards: Vineyards are a $4.4 billion industry in California, and a major source of tourism. But in one swath of Los Angeles County, there's a law pending that would ban new vineyard plantings...