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Afternoon Brief, April 9th

Santa Rosa Electric Tractor Maker Solectrac Evicted from 1 Location, Owing $65,000 in Rent: The Sonoma County-based electric tractor company undergoing a major reorganization was evicted from its Santa Rosa location and owes $65,223 in back rent, the property owners say...

Afternoon Brief, January 17th

HK$490 Million of Liquid Cocaine Found Hidden in Wine Shipment: Two men have been arrested after a record 444kg haul of liquid cocaine concealed in a shipment of bag-in-box wine was intercepted by Hong Kong customs...

FOSS Provides Quality Wine Analyzers to Support an Agile Approach to...

Simple and easy-to-use wine analysis tools. The availability of analytical data allows better decision-making throughout the winemaking process leading to more consistent quality and ultimately...

Afternoon Brief, August 2nd

Why 'Regenerative Viticulture' Is Gaining Ground Among Major Wine Producers: Moët Hennessy, Jackson Family Wines and Torres are adopting a ‘regenerative’ approach to viticulture – but what does it involve, and why are these famous producers making the move...

Afternoon Brief, June 6th

Global Grape Production in 2022 Reached the Second Highest Peak of the Last Twenty Years: Since 2000, the share of non-pressed grapes has significantly increased, mainly due to the rise in production of table grapes that has almost doubled in twenty years...

Afternoon Brief, January 30th

COVID-19’s Lasting Impact on the Wine Industry Sets the Stage for 2023 Opportunities: The challenges of the past few years have driven significant change in the wine sector, and 2023 will require continued adaptation...