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Firestone Walker Taps into Winemaking Heritage with “Rosalie”

Beer Rosé Co-Fermented with Local Wine Grapes Paso Robles, CA: Firestone Walker is going back to the future with Rosalie, a one-of-a-kind brew co-fermented with...

Afternoon Brief, January 23

DTC Channel Is Reaching Maturity for Wine: Larry Cormier, General Manager, ShipCompliance by Sovos, presented the topline results from their annual Direct to Consumer Wine Shipping Report based on the 8 million transactions a year filtered through ShipCompliant by Sovos at the DTC Wine Symposium Wednesday...

Afternoon Brief, November 10

Constellation Shares Fall 8% After Trump Victory: The initial reaction was for shares to slump on fears of protectionism but 24 hours later London is more than 2% ahead of where it stood on the eve of the US polls...

Afternoon Brief, June 25

Stage is set for another good Napa Valley wine grape crop: By mid-June the stage had been set for a good balance of proper grape ripening and adequate yields this year in the vineyards of Napa Valley...