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Afternoon Brief, December 10

Within Five Years Entire Brands Will Be Created Through Pre-Production Personalization: "Within five years you will see entire brands created through pre-production personalization by flavor and shopper profiling at an individual level blends crafted 'instantly' through data on the consumers taste and purchase preferences, and genetic/behavioral/social characteristics, driven by data that may have nothing to do with wine or the production process," says Mike Provance, PhD and CEO of 3×3...

JF Hillebrand Wins Best Logistics Company Award for the 12th Year

JF Hillebrand, the world’s leading logistics provider to the beverage trade, was named ‘Best Logistics Company’ at the annual Drinks Business Awards. In a ceremony...

Afternoon Brief, November 15

Opportunity Knocks: Challenges for Winery Associations: Regardless of the size of a winegrowing region or the number of wineries or vineyards in it, the biggest challenge is continuing to attract visitors in an ever-evolving marketplace...

Afternoon Brief, Feb 5

Trending Story: California's drought could raise foreign wine imports to the US and bulk wine prices With California in the midst of one the most severe...
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