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Making the Most of Dwindling Customer Engagement Opportunities

The biggest difference between tasting rooms and wine clubs that perform beyond expectation and those that don’t, is an organizational commitment to employee training, according to the 2017 VinQuest direct to consumer benchmark report.

Selling Is Easier in Person

I was sent an Interesting article from my favorite periodical, Harvard Business Review. The article, entitled, “A face to face request is 34 times more...

Encourage Wine Exploration

Today’s blog is a follow up on the blog I posted last week in which I printed an email I received from a consumer...

Provide a Quality Experience

Next February I am moderating a panel at the USBevX in Washington DC. The panel is about providing a quality experience, so I started...

Differentiate Your Business with Customer Experience

So how do you ensure that your customer interface is superior? By focusing on superior customer service. Not only do the people who interact...

Design Your Customer Experience

I have been doing a lot of research lately in the customer experience and found that more than ever the experience is what differentiates...