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3 Adult Beverage Trends to Expect in 2017

I am not a betting man. In fact, when I do bet, I usually lose. I am horrific in betting sports, elections, random things,...

Afternoon Brief, May 12

El Niño will be substantial, warn Australian scientists: Australian scientists on Tuesday forecast a "substantial" El Niño weather phenomenon for 2015, potentially spelling deadly and costly climate extremes, after officially declaring its onset in the tropical Pacific...

Craft; a Term in Controversy

Going into the Craft Beverage Expo held last week at the Santa Clara Convention Center, my curiosity was piqued by the very use of the term, “craft”. How can it be applied to companies that have reached the size and scope of Firestone, and in the same breath be used on a tiny brand like Bootstrap Brewing in Niwot, CO? It seems this is a rather universally held curiosity: it was a lively topic during the opening remarks at the Expo during Thursday morning’s presentation featuring Paul Evers, President and Chief Creative Director of tbd agency (sic), and it resonated with everyone interviewed for this story. Controversy