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AB Hero New Planting

Afternoon Brief, June 29

Pandemic Puts Twist on Vineyard Plantings: John Duarte runs the largest permanent crops nursery in the country and has seen his share of ups and downs since his family opened its namesake business in California’s Central Valley in 1989...

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants to Open 23,000 Square-Foot Experiential Restaurant...

A “Tribute to the World of Wine” Opening just west of Chicago’s Magnificent Mile Will Feature Rare Wines from Around the World & Unique...

Afternoon Brief, July 19

Gallo Deal Delay Impacts Growers: In April, Constellation struck a $1.7 billion deal to sell 30 wine brands to Gallo, upending the cheap wine market in the US. But the deal has not been approved by federal regulators, leaving some grape farmers unsure what will happen with this year's crop ...
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