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Afternoon Brief, March 6

Ballot Measure to Protect Napa County’s Forests and Its Water Resources Filed for 2020 General Election: Napa Growers and Vintners for Responsible Agriculture has requested that the Napa Department of Elections prepare a title and summary for the Napa Valley Water Sustainability Initiative to be voted on the November 2020 ballot...

Afternoon Brief, March 3

More Winegrapes Could Go Unsold, Analysts Believe: With the amount of winegrapes that went unpicked in 2019, the message to grape growers from marketers and vineyard managers is clear: Without a winery contract, grapes could easily not have a buyer this year...

Afternoon Brief, July 9

Millions of Bottles of Spanish Rosé Sold as French: French authorities have uncovered millions of bottles of rosé imported in bulk from Spain being passed off as French, with at least one producer facing prison and fines of up to 300,000...