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Comité Champagne Announces Lori Russo as Incoming Director of Champagne Bureau,...

ÉPERNAY, France ― The Comité Champagne, the trade association representing the houses and winegrowers of Champagne, France, announced today that Lori Russo has been...

Afternoon Brief, September 5th

Georgian Wine Producers Lose Up to 100% of Their Vines in Storms Affecting 4,600HA: On the evening of September 2, hailstorms of unprecedented ferocity tore through the Georgia’s largest wine region, Kakheti, where around 80% of the country’s wines are produced...

Champagne’s 2023 Harvest Has Begun

ÉPERNAY, France ― The 2023 harvest in Champagne commenced on Saturday, September 2, and despite difficult weather during ripening, the region expects a high-quality...

Afternoon Brief, April 11th

Wine Promotion Rules a Minefield: Wineries are still struggling to work out what's legal and what isn't when it comes to wine promotions...

Afternoon Brief, February 14th

Beckstoffer Vineyards Sues Last Bottle for Trademark Infringement: The Complaint, filed on February 11, 2023, alleges that Blicker Pierce Wagner Wine Merchants, LLC and its affiliated companies, Sleeper Cellars and Last Bottle, willfully committed trademark infringement by placing the Beckstoffer trademark on the front label of a wine without authorization...

Afternoon Brief, January 18th

SVB Report: 2023 Challenges Include Consumer Drop-Off and Rising Prices: This year’s Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) state of the wine industry report, released earlier today, pulls no punches...

Afternoon Brief, September 21st

WineAmerica: What’s Wine Worth? $276 Billion: The 2022 Wine Industry Economic Study reveals the true, deep impact of the wine industry on the larger U.S. economy...

2022 Champagne Harvest: A Splendid and Promising Vintage

September 21st - EPERNAY, France – The Comité Champagne announced today that Champagne region of France completed its 2022 harvest, which started on August 20...

Afternoon Brief, August 23rd

Bay Area Wineries Need Oak Barrels Right Now. But Thousands Are Missing: California’s 2022 grape harvest is under way, but many wineries are missing a key component for wine production: new oak barrels...

Comité Champagne Announces Start of Region’s Harvest

August 23rd - EPERNAY, France  – The Comité Champagne announced that harvest started on August 20 and will begin in the vast majority of villages...

Afternoon Brief, March 21st

Can Major Wine Markets in China Survive Its Worst COVID Resurgence?: China’s intense lockdown and curbs have shown immediate effects on the country’s lucrative wine market, especially in three of the affluent cities in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Dongguan that are engines for the country’s wine consumption, as the country holds on tight to its ‘zero-Covid policy’...

Afternoon Brief, September 9th

New Oregon Wine Industry Report Exposes Effects of COVID and 2020 Wildfires: While the majority of Oregon winemakers made wine from grapes from 2020, the year held challenges including a western U.S. weather phenomenon combined with naturally lower yields, wildfires and COVID-19-related labor shortages and restrictions...

Start Date Announced for 2021 Champagne Harvest

September 9th - EPERNAY, FRANCE – The Comité Champagne today announced the 2021 Champagne harvest started on 6 September. Weather conditions in the Champagne region are good for the...

Afternoon Brief, November 18

SipSource Issues Third-Quarter Data, Paints Bleak Picture for On-Premise Retail Outlets in 2021: SipSource, the first and only source for wine and spirits distributor depletion data, today announced the issuance of its quarterly report that identifies wine and spirits trends for the time period from September 2019 to September 2020 and explores commercial and consumer trends during the COVID-19 pandemic...

Paraguay Recognizes and Protects the Champagne Appellation of Origin

Washington, D.C. – In a legally binding decision on October 29, 2020, the National Directorate of Intellectual Property of Paraguay officially registered the Champagne appellation....
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