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Winemaking Webinar Series: Malolactic Fermentation

Join us at the Iowa State University / University of Minnesota Joint Research and Winemaking Webinar Series for a presentation on the practical applications...

Afternoon Brief, August 27

Wineries Share Their Point-of-Sale System Priorities and Experiences - Point-of-Sale systems in wineries seem to be a love-hate relationship many times the hate overcoming the love as the frustrations of adapting to changing and challenging environments puts a strain on winery personnel and the electronic retail and data system that supports their efforts ...

Afternoon Brief, June 4

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: E&J Gallo Winery CIO Drives Digital Innovation in Wine E&J Gallo Winery is a remarkable vertically integrated organization....

Afternoon Brief, April 23

Gallo’s Acquisition Strategy Is Gift That Keeps on Giving for Premium Wine: The premium branded wine market can do with all the help it can get which is what makes E&J Gallos acquisition strategy potentially so important, not just for itself, but for the overall wine industry ...

Afternoon Brief, February 11

WineDirect Sues Former Employees for Allegedly Misappropriating Trade Secrets: WineDirect Inc. is suing two former employees for allegedly misappropriating trade secrets to benefit their e-commerce platform, according to the complaint ...

Afternoon Brief, November 8

New Mondavi Plan Upsets Some Locals: Despite the passing of its two iconic founding brothers Robert and Peter and the sale of the Robert Mondavi Winery in 2004, the current and third generation of Mondavi family members continues to show a keen interest in the wine business ...

Afternoon Brief, October 24

Master Somm Raises More Cheat Questions: It has been more than a month since the incident that caused 23 Master Sommelier (MS) candidates who had previously been reportedly to have passed the exam to have their titles taken away...

Afternoon Brief, March 13

Does Napa Have too Much Cab?: Does Napa Valley have too much Cabernet? And does it charge too much for it? These questions were not on the agenda, but unexpectedly popped up this week at a Napa Valley Grapegrowers' conference...

Afternoon Brief, January 30

Is the Intelligent Vineyard the Future of Winegrape Growing?: Phil Asmundson is by no means a veteran viticulturist, but a half-dozen years ago, after watching his wife and business partner, Kim, augering soil samples, he recalls turning to her and saying, "No offense, but there's got to be a better way"...

Afternoon Brief, November 22

How Millennials Are Breaking Down Class Barriers Post Brexit and Trump: Food - and wine in particular - are the next industries to see similar disruption because, according to John Gillespie of the Wine Market Council, Millennials are the largest wine consuming generation...

Afternoon Brief, October 19

Charles Smith Reshapes Washington Wine Industry: When Charles Smith makes a move, the earth moves. On Monday, a big "crack" was heard throughout the Washington wine industry when it was announced that Smith had sold his eponymous wine brand to mega-giant Constellation Brands for a reported $120 million...

Afternoon Brief, September 19

Sonoma Harvest Fair Releases List of Medalists: The judges for this year's Sonoma County Harvest Fair Wine Competition have made their final recommendations, and 94 percent of the wines entered will receive some type of medal...

Afternoon Brief, August 15

Clayton Fire in Lake County Destroys Lower Lake Winery: Though the Clayton fire has destroyed one winery, Lake County vintners reported Monday their $61 million industry remained largely unscathed to date...

Afternoon Brief, July 7

Top Somms Advice Vintners on How to Get on Their Wine Lists: Sommeliers and wine directors see and taste a lot of wines. What gets their attention? What's the best way to get attention? We asked them. They were not shy...

Afternoon Brief, March 16

How Character-Driven Labels Are Driving Wine Sales: As the wine aisles swell with an ever-rising sea of brands, wine producers are looking to increasingly rich and imaginative narratives on which to build their brands...
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