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Afternoon Brief, May 10th

Wine and Inflation: Will the Rising Tide Lift Wine's Boat? The U.S. is experiencing the highest inflation rates since the 1980s and cost-of-living increases are on everyone's mind here and around the world...

Afternoon Brief, June 5

More Drinkers Cut Than Increase Alcohol in Lockdown, Survey Says: People missing out on drinking in restaurants and bars during coronavirus lockdowns are not entirely making up for it by pouring more at home, a survey of nine countries conducted on behalf of beer, wine and spirits companies showed...

Afternoon Brief, May 29

Caymus Winery Owner Chuck Wagner Sues California Over Tasting Room Closures: Napa veteran calls it unfair that wineries serving food can open tasting rooms while others - including all Napa wineries - cannot...

Afternoon Brief, September 27

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: WineAmerica Study Shows $219.9 Billion Economic Impact of U.S. Wine Industry in 2017 WineAmerica, the National Association of...
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