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Afternoon Brief, August 12th

What the Biden Administration’s Anti-Trust Directive Means for the Wholesale Tier: Experts believe the Executive Order may correct unfair trade practices; few predict any immediate or drastic results...

Harvest 2018 Begins in Paso Robles Wine Country

Cooler temperatures and delayed grape picking could spell richer flavors for vintage 2018. Sept. 13, 2018 (Paso Robles, Calif.) – Solterra Strategies, a boutique public relations...

Afternoon Brief, December 18

Scarcity Sends California Vineyard Prices Soaring: A local real estate expert says the price per acre in Napa could reach Burgundy levels within a generation. Napa Valley will see vineyards sell for $1 million per acre in the next 30 years, a local expert predicts...
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