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Afternoon Brief, March 20

Arsenic-Tainted Wine: Overkill or a Real Killer? If you drank a bottle of the alleged arsenic-tainted California wine, there's probably no need to rush to the attorney's office to update your will...

Afternoon Brief, August 25

Scientists: Napa quake should be a ‘wake-up call’: The earthquake that struck Napa County early Sunday could have been much larger, scientists said, given the track record of the fault that most likely caused the shaking...

Afternoon Brief, August 18

U.S. women drink wine to relax, men look for high quality: Men and women are different when it comes to their wine habits. New research from Canadean finds that in the US, women drink wine in order to relax and unwind, seeking good value options, whereas men are more likely to be wine buffs, searching for high quality and new drink experiences...

Afternoon Brief, July 11

Will El Nino be enough to break California’s drought?: California is stuck in an oppressive drought. For nearly a year, drought conditions have domination the states landscape, resources and concerns. According to the latest Drought Monitor report, 79 percent of the state is in extreme or exceptional drought as of July 8...

Afternoon Brief, July 10

A Casino in Napa Wine Country?: Three million visitors come to Napa every year to enjoy great wine, food and gorgeous scenery. But some vintners are worried a casino may join the landscape, and the issue has created a bitter legal and public relations battle...

Afternoon Brief, June 16

California vineyard erosion rules effort restarts: As state water-quality regulators prepare to try again this fall with a framework designed to control erosion into the Napa River and Sonoma Creek watersheds, winegrape growers in those areas are getting new tools to help prepare for the as-yet-undefined rules...

Afternoon Brief, May 19

Wine makers fight off casino plan in California: The threat of a Las Vegas-style casino opening in the lush fields of Californias Napa Valley is rousing the makers of some of the worlds most celebrated wines into a pitched community fight...
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