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Afternoon Brief, April 29

Controversial Hop Kiln and Hale Winery development decisions appealed: Two controversial decisions in an increasingly contentious battle over winery development in Sonoma County are being appealed, placing the issue squarely before the Board of Supervisors...

Afternoon Brief, April 23

Rebellious California grape farmers want their confiscated raisins returned: The National Raisin Reserve, which is overseen by the Fresno-based Raisin Administrative Committee, is part of a post-World War II-era program that forces raisin producers to give part of their annual crop to the government to prevent an oversupply of the dried fruit...

Afternoon Brief, April 13

Yellow Tail and Constellation off to Kangaroo Court: Aussie vintners hope a Canadian wine company will roo the day it allegedly used a logo featuring Australia's favourite marsupial...

Afternoon Brief, April 1

Brown orders California's first mandatory water restrictions: 'It's a different world': Gov. Jerry Brown, standing on a patch of brown grass in the Sierra Nevada that is usually covered with several feet of snow at this time of year, on Wednesday announced the first mandatory water restrictions in California history...

Afternoon Brief, March 19

"Very high levels of arsenic" in top-selling wines: A proposed class action lawsuit is being filed Thursday in California that claims some of the country's top selling wines have high levels of arsenic...

Afternoon Brief, November 25

Wine Spectator's Top 100 Wines Still a Powerful Guide: Before Wine Spectator announced its top 100 wines of the year last week, the awarded wines were hardly setting Wine Searcher's database on fire. But interest has exploded as each of the top 10 wines was announced...