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Afternoon Brief, June 23rd

Constellation Brands Expands The Prisoner Wine Company Portfolio with Acquisition of Luxury Napa Valley Wine Brand, Domaine Curry: The acquisition further enhances the company’s higher-end portfolio and reinforces its ongoing commitment to female and minority representation within the industry...

Afternoon Brief, June 22nd

Afternoon Brief: The Cost of Insuring Against Wine Disasters: As disasters and losses become more common, wineries are paying more to protect themselves—driving up the cost of wine...

Afternoon Brief, March 10th

Hard-to-Find Napa Valley Wines Available Now Through Collective Napa Valley: Starting today, rare Napa Valley wines are available through the Napa Valley Reserve Wine offering for Collective Napa Valley...

Afternoon Brief, March 7th

French Politicians Wining on the Job: News publications across France went to town last week over reports of drunken and booze-based antics in the country's National Assembly...

Afternoon Brief, June 14

Calistoga Winery, City Spar Over What Constitutes an 'Event': The Calistoga Planning Commission on Wednesday took up the debate of what does or does not constitute an "event" at a winery. They decided that Brian Arden Winery on Silverado Trail had violated its use permit with its First Friday Socials, which take place once a month from 5 to 7 p.m...

Afternoon Brief, October 27

Laser Mapping Data to Boost Wine Industry by Pinpointing Prime Grape Growing Areas: Laser mapping data can help the English wine industry identify the best places to grow grapes, says a UK government department, as it releases the data to the public...