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Afternoon Brief, April 25

Worker’s Family Sues Napa Valley Winery for Alleged Wrongful Death It's been nearly a year since Daniel Mario Colombo went through the roof and fell to his death at Sutter Home Winery in St. Helena, but his family is still suffering from the loss, according to a lawsuit filed last week...

Afternoon Brief, November 21

Napa Winemakers Argue Over the Valley's Visual Image: If you've never heard the term "viewshed" - like "watershed" - welcome to Napa Valley. The essence is that Napa's bucolic look is an asset that can't be messed with...

Afternoon Brief, November 20

5 Wine Industry Innovators Honored with WINnovation Award: The business of wine is in a continual state of evolution with new markets, new consumer trends, new challenges and new solutions provided from the businesses trying to capture, shape or overcome them...

Afternoon Brief, October 20

Ignorance of the Endangered Species Act Could be Costly for Vineyards and Wineries: When President Nixon signed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into law on December 28, 1973, it must have been hard to predict how the legislation would impact agricultural practices decades into the future...