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Afternoon Brief, November 26

The Ups and Downs of the 2019 Global Bulk Wine Market: In anticipation of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) in Amsterdam this coming December 2-3, the California-based global wine and grape broker, Ciatti, released its 2019 harvest and bulk wine report...

Afternoon Brief, November 15

Smokey Summers a Winner for Wine Critics: California's ongoing worst wildfires ever will not affect the 2018 vintage, which is now in tanks and barrels. In fact, California's wines are better off than its people, as the inside of a stainless-steel tank might be the only place in the Golden State where you could breathe easily right now...

Afternoon Brief, November 4

Sonoma County Vintner Steve Kistler to Pay More Than $500,000 to Settle Creek Pollution Case: A Sonoma County vintner has agreed to pay $579,700 to settle water code violations stemming from the release of muddy pond water into a Valley Ford creek that supports spawning fish, state officials announced Thursday...

Afternoon Brief, December 1

Problems with wine price increases: With the U.S. wine market expecting to post its 21st consecutive year of growth in case good sales, a relatively healthy U.S. economy and an even brighter picture in the Bay Area, North Coast wineries are enjoying robust demand for their products, particularly through tasting rooms and club sales...