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Afternoon Brief, September 1st

Walmart Move Threatens Oklahoma Wine Retailers: The retail giant is pushing to dominate the state's wine and spirits market, at the expense of smaller, independent retailers...

Afternoon Brief, August 3rd

40 Million Bottle Catalan Wine Scam Goes to Court: Six individuals involved with Catalan producer Grupo Reserva de la Tierra are accused of making upwards of €14 million a year from distributing falsely-labelled bottles from 2019 to 2021...

Afternoon Brief, July 20th

Mexican Beauty Queen, Romanian-Dutch Man Arrested After Chase Across Europe Over $1.7 Million Wine Theft: A former Mexican beauty queen and a Romanian-Dutch accomplice have been arrested in Croatia over the theft of $1.7 million worth of prestige bottles of wine in Spain after a nine-month chase across Europe, police said on Wednesday...

Afternoon Brief, June 22nd

How to Make an Ally of Cognitive Dissonance in Recessionary Times: Consumers around the world can easily find reasons not to be cheerful at the moment. The news is packed with doom-laden items – ongoing war in Ukraine, climate change, accelerating cost of living and inflation, among other things...

Afternoon Brief, June 7th

Colorado Rising: Behind the World’s First High Desert Hybrid Wine Region: Colorado has been producing locally grown and bottled wine since 1890, but it’s just now reaching that adolescent stage of development, in which it establishes who, precisely, it is — and how it relates to the rest of the world...

Afternoon Brief, April 12th

The Largest European Conference Focused on Technical Innovation in the Wine Industry Is Coming to the US: Wine Industry Network is proud to partner with VINIDEA to launch the ENOFORUM USA event in Santa Rosa, CA, on May 11th...

Afternoon Brief, February 1st

The Dust Settles on Prowein’s Rescheduled Date: What We’ve Learned: Trade fairs for the global wine and spirits industry are big business, both in their own right for the organizers and as locations for the facilitation of business for vendors and participants...

Afternoon Brief, December 27th

After Four Harrowing Years of Smoke and Fires, Bay Area Wineries Rejoice in a ‘Normal’ Harvest: Bay Area winemakers will remember 2021 as the year without wildfires. In sharp contrast to the last several years, no Wine Country estates were destroyed, no Cabernet grapes tainted by smoke, no fermentations abandoned in the wake of an emergency evacuation order...

Afternoon Brief, November 23rd

2019 St. Anne’s Crossing “Shumahi” Primitivo Takes Best of Show for Sonoma Valley at 2021 Harvest Challenge Competition: The Sonoma Valley AVA took the big prize at the 2021 Harvest “Terroir” Challenge, the only competition to judge wines by American Viticultural Area...

Afternoon Brief, September 15th

North Coast Judge Denies Release of Wine Held in Smoke Damage Case: A Sonoma County wine grape grower had a setback in trying to convince a Lake County judge to order the release of tens of thousands of gallons of 2020 wine being held by a vintner that’s alleging hundreds of thousands of dollars in smoke damage from the fruit...

Afternoon Brief, September 3rd

Winery Insurance Coverage Reinstated by Fair Plan: On Thursday, the California FAIR Plan, the state’s insurer of last resort, announced it will resume offering basic insurance coverage for winery buildings and business personal property not involved with the growing and cultivating of grapes and crops...

Afternoon Brief, May 28

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Constellation Brands and E. & J. Gallo Further Revise Wine and Spirits Agreement in Connection with Federal...

Afternoon Brief, May 13

Wine Adjusts to Evolving Marketplace Amid Pandemic: Virtual vineyard and winery tours, dinner-and-wine kits, and supper-at-home have replaced the pre-pandemic Lets eat out tonight adventures, and Ciatti, Global Wine and Grape Brokers based in Novato, Calif., say that trend is reflected in their latest California Report...

Afternoon Brief, December 19

3-Tier Wine Symposium Announced: The Wine Industry Network (WIN) today announced the launch of the 3-Tier Wine Symposium, a one-day intensive educational conference focused on how to best navigate the evolving and complicated world of distributor relations along with how to capitalize on the opportunities that still exist in the wholesale channel ...

Afternoon Brief, September 21

Subscribe to the Afternoon Brief   Trending Story: Wine Institute Releases Results of New California Wine Tourism Survey Results of a new online survey of more...
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