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Afternoon Brief, March 2

Chemical Weed Killer Is Compatible with Sustainability Certification in California’s Wine Industry: After a recent post concerning sustainability, email arrived from people in and out of the wine business on the apparently thorny subject of glyphosate, the weed killer. Being neither expert on glyphosate nor on sustainability, a little research was in order...

Afternoon Brief, March 25

Secret to terroir may lie in bacteria, say scientists: Researchers in the U.S. have published a study suggesting that the characteristics associated with terroir could have more to do with microbes found around the root system of a vine, than the soil that it grows in...

Carneros Wine Alliance Celebrated 30th Anniversary at Annual Barrel Tasting

Tuesday, the Carneros Wine Alliance held their annual spring barrel tasting at Cuvaison. Sixteen wineries poured barrel samples of Carneros Chardonnay and Pinot Noir,...