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Staying Compliant Amid New Beverage Alcohol Industry Regulations

New laws impacting beverage alcohol compliance are emerging from coast to coast. Ensuring you’re in good standing with authorities is important to avoid disruptions...

Afternoon Brief, August 12th

More North Coast Winery Website Lawsuits End Without Settlements: More than half the dozens of recent federal lawsuits brought by one Florida man against North Coast wineries over accessibility of their websites have been dismissed, including nearly two dozen in the past 30 days. And more of these are getting resolved without settlements...

Winery DTC Compliance and the Impact of Shifting Regulations, Enforcement and...

Join us on July 6th at 10am PT for an overview of compliance requirements for beverage alcohol suppliers including different tax types, presented by Shannon...

Afternoon Brief, July 1st

WSWA’s Sipsource Latest Channel Shifting Index (CSI) for On-Premise Closes in on Full Recovery: Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America’s (WSWA’s) SipSource released today the latest set of Channel Shifting Index (CSI) data that provides wine and spirits professionals access to channel performance data for wine and spirits categories/segments, price tiers, and U.S. regions that are easy to understand and relevant to successfully navigate the current environment...

Afternoon Brief, June 17th

US Supreme Court Blocks Efforts to Dismiss Claims Against Glyphosate: Bayer, the German pharmaceutical giant, suffered a setback in the US when the Supreme Court allowed cases to proceed against its subsidiary Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller whose allegedly carcinogenic ingredient, glyphosate, is widely used by the wine industry...
Signing for a delivery (iStock)

DTC Crackdown: Understand State Laws to Avoid Entanglement

There could well be a silver lining in the number of states that have stepped up enforcement of direct to consumer (DTC)  shipping regulations....

Afternoon Brief, April 18th

Using Yeast to Combat Climate Change and Improve Flavor: Yeast is to winemaking what faith is to religion. Without that one essential element, the rest collapses. Today, tech innovations are letting vintners use yeast not as an essential ingredient but, rather, as a targeted tool in winemaking, depending on their goals...

Mastering Alcohol Ecommerce in 2022

With the acceleration of ecommerce sales for many industries over the past two years, one industry is lagging behind. Why has the beverage alcohol...

Afternoon Brief, March 1st

Anti-Russia Protests Hit Wrong Target: Retailers around the world are dropping Russian products from their shelves, but many are aiming at the wrong targets...

Afternoon Brief, February 3rd

Wine Tanker Used to Smuggle Thousands of Kilos of Drugs Across Europe: A full wine tanker was used to smuggle thousands of kilos of drugs between Italy and Spain it has been discovered, as Italian police make 19 arrests and raid suspects’ properties...

Afternoon Brief, December 22nd

Unheard of - Young Vines Shattered by Frost in Bordeaux: At the end of autumn, master pruner Massimo Giudici of Simonit & Sirch discovered grapevine trunks devastated by spring frosts in Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot vineyards located in Barsac and Pujols in southern Gironde...

Alcohol Marketplaces and Delivery Apps: Current Regulatory Issues

Alcohol marketplaces and delivery apps grew substantially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and they’re here to stay. These businesses, which are also...

Afternoon Brief, October 19th

WIN Expo 2021—Increased Focus on Educational Content for the Wine Industry: December’s conference kicks off with a new format to engage professionals in all sectors of wine...

Afternoon Brief, October 1st

How Would a TTB Shutdown Affect You?: Not for the first time and probably not for the last, the federal government has narrowly averted a shutdown. Congress agreed on a short-term spending bill that will keep nonessential federal agencies funded though December 3, 2021...

WIN Webinar: Retailer DTC Shipping: Adjust for the Present, Prepare for...

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) shipping continues to be a hot topic, with things like retail reciprocity coming to the forefront.  In this webinar, we will discuss...
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