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Afternoon Brief, November 14

The #1 Wine of the Year: Today my friends, the Wine Spectator, the industry leader in wine reporting, announced the #1 wine of the year. This was a long drawn out process that started with #10 and slowly crawled to #1, and now the consuming public begins the chase towards that purchase...

Australia Trade Tasting Announces Export Focus Day on US Market

New York, NY November 13, 2014— Australia Trade Tasting (AuTT) has announced that they will be hosting some of the USA's top market makers...

Afternoon Brief, September 29

Wineries See Challenges and Opportunities in Expanding Market for Beer, Cider, and Distilled Spirits: A recent article in the business section of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat has depicted the California wine industry wringing its hands over the defection of millennial drinkers into the alluring fields of craft beer, hard cider and fancy cocktails...

Australia Trade Tasting & Conference Announced

Melbourne, September 29, 2014 – The Beverage Trade Network (USA) today announced the launch of the ‘Australia Trade Tasting’ (Australia), a new trade tasting...