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Lessons from Down Under: Three Master Winemakers share their COVID Harvest...

This webinar is a rare opportunity to hear, first hand, from three master winemakers who, without warning, had to navigate harvest with the sudden lockdown restrictions. These winemakers share their experience, insights, and lessons learned with Jamie Gilchrist, Co-Founder and Director of Sales, vintrace wine production software, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Afternoon Brief, February 24

Napa Valleys finest, most innovative wines raised $3.9 million in support of the Napa Valley Vintners mission to promote, protect and enhance the Napa Valley ...

Afternoon Brief, February 10

The value of the North Coast grape crop slid to $1.7 billion last year, down 15% from 2018 as wine sales leveled off across the United States and wineries reacted by crushing less fruit, according to the annual California grape harvest report released on Monday ...

Afternoon Brief, February 7

Every aspect of the wine and winegrape industry, from science and technology to trends and markets, came under the microscope as experts, economists, scientists and researchers from around the world shared their perspectives with thousands of industry professionals at the 26th Unified Wine & Grape Symposium (Unified), which wrapped up here today ...

Afternoon Brief, January 28

Wine and agriculture researchers studying the effects of climate change in vineyards have come to the same conclusion as decades of investors: diversify ...

Augmented Reality on Every Australian Wine in 2020

Ground-breaking App to drive innovation across industry, says Winerytale January 22, 2020. Geelong, Australia - Every Australian wine will have the benefit of augmented reality,...

Afternoon Brief, January 16

Citing the need to address rapidly growing customer demand Upvalley, Pacific Gas & Electric has been tentatively granted eminent domain over a portion of a private Calistoga vineyard owners land to install a liquid natural gas plant ...

Afternoon Brief, January 14

Oversupply of Premium Wine, Slower Sales Growth to Spur Discount Brands, Says Silicon Valley Bank Forecast: It used to be enough for U.S. wineries to make great wine and find ways to get it into the hands of consumers, but vintners large and small now are going to have to bring their marketing and efficiency A-game to survive the erosion of sales growth from oversupply and increasing competition from other drinks and teetotaling, according to a newly released report closely watched by the industry...

Afternoon Brief, January 3

The new year is starting off on a sour note for the winegrowers, as the recent boom cycle shows signs of turning to bust. Its hard to predict how this will affect us as consumers perhaps prices dip a little in the short term, but shifts in the market could result in less variety and more consolidation as small and midsize wineries take the hit ...

Afternoon Brief, January 2

Wine is under attack. The biggest threat to the wine business today is an increase in tariffs on imported wines ...

Afternoon Brief, December 30

Winemaking is often thought of as a symbol of transformation. While the fermented drink dates back 9,000 years, the wine market is now experiencing its own transformation due to technological innovation, and the introduction of new business models ...

Afternoon Brief, December 23

Wine Excise Tax Reduction Extension Becomes Law: The consolidated appropriations package, which includes a one-year extension of the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (S. 362/ H.R. 1175) that provides federal excise tax benefits for all wineries, was signed into law by the president late on Friday, Dec. 20...

Afternoon Brief, December 20

By the time the Mendocino Complex Fires were officially contained on Oct. 4, 2018, five weeks after igniting, they had burned approximately 450,000 acres in Colusa, Lake, Glenn and Mendocino counties, making it the largest wildfire in California history ...

Afternoon Brief, December 19

Michael De Loach of Michael De Loach Brands, acts as a broker and marketing consultant for many small-to-medium brands, like Selby Wines, Bucher, Davis Family and Bennet Lane ...

Afternoon Brief, December 18

Nielsen data started tracking canned wine in 2014, only five years ago when canned wines represented less than $10 million of the total market ...