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Digital Wine Clubs Have Come of Age

With more wineries than ever, more competition than ever, and reduced tourism likely in the days ahead, there are unique challenges facing the traditional...

Astra DMS Presents: DTC Digital Trends and Action Items for Wineries

DTC Digital Trends and Action Items for Wineries. Astra will discuss what’s working in the digital world of winery marketing, with a focus on...

Winery “Covid Strategies” That Will Bring Success Beyond the Virus

The Coronavirus has quickly changed the way we produce and consume content, engage with customers, and adapt to a digital world. The content and...

Keeping Your Brand Relevant in Troubled Times

Join us for a talk about the current COVID-19 situation and how it's affecting wine country. Times like these force brands and industries like...

Afternoon Brief, February 27

A big correction in the prices for excess North Coast grapes and wine is not only making it potentially more challenging for vintners to tap working capital but also raising the possibility of having to write down inventory ...

Afternoon Brief, June 19

California Growers’ Strategies for Protecting Vineyards from Fire: Wildfires in California aren't new, but after back-to-back years of the most deadly and destructive fires in California's history, it's clear they are increasing in both frequency and ferocity ...

2019 DTC Wine Symposium Sponsors to Preview New Products & Services

Napa, CA, January 9, 2019 – The trade show at the 2019 Direct to Consumer Wine Symposium will feature an array of new products...

Afternoon Brief, January 2

The Hispanic Consumer Is Key to the Future of the Wine Industry: The growth of the Latino population in the United States is well documented and we know that it will continue to expand. This reality will provide opportunities for growth for many industries, notably in the food and beverage sector ...