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Afternoon Brief, March 26th

Winery Wildfires: How Record Wildfires Are Impacting Wineries Today: The events of recent years have truly tested the resilience of wineries. Wildfires dominating headlines in wine country since 2017 were interrupted briefly by the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, only to return again – and with a record-breaking vengeance...

Afternoon Brief, March 23rd

Oregon’s Alcohol Producers Temporarily Stop A 3000% Tax Hike: What happens to Oregon’s alcohol taxes? That’s what the former sponsor of a spiked bill to raise taxes on alcohol by up to 3,000% wants to know before she decides whether to back any similar bills in the future...

Bacchus Capital Management to Launch BCM Wineworks Sales and Marketing Company

SAN FRANCISCO, November 6, 2013: Bacchus Capital Management, LLC, a San Francisco-based private equity firm providing strategic capital in the wine industry, has announced...