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Afternoon Brief, December 19

Michael De Loach of Michael De Loach Brands, acts as a broker and marketing consultant for many small-to-medium brands, like Selby Wines, Bucher, Davis Family and Bennet Lane ...

Come by Our Booth to Discover Our Latest Capsule Innovation: EASYPEEL

EASYPEEL is the wine markets very first 100% aluminium capsule to incorporate easy and convenient opening- producing a clean and consistent result every time. For...

Opening Wine Made Easier and Cleaner with Amcor’s Innovative EASYPEEL Capsule

A new capsule design from Amcor is making wine easier to open, while preserving time-honored traditions that are important to discriminating aficionados. The EASYPEEL wine-opening...

Open Wine Like an Expert

This year, Amcor Capsules is launching a new product, EASYPEEL at the Unified Wine and Grape Tradeshow in Sacramento. EASYPEEL is an innovative opening...