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Afternoon Brief, October 13

Could a Tool to Combat Coronavirus Also Protect Grapevines from an Annual Threat?: Scientists and vintners are exploring using UV lights, now being employed in HVAC systems to reduce the threat of COVID-19, as a weapon against mildew...

Abbott Claim, New Yamhill-Carlton Winery, Now Open to Guests

Newly Appointed Director of Hospitality Leads Tasting Experience McMinnville, OR (October 13, 2020) – Abbott Claim, a new winery in the Yamhill-Carlton district of the...

Beck Family Estates Breaks Ground on Abbott Claim

Winemaker Alban Debeaulieu Helms New Project in Oregon’s Willamette Valley Portland, Ore. (April 16, 2019) — South Africa’s Beck Family Estates has established Abbott Claim with...