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packXplore: 2021 Virtual Packaging Conference

A Wine Industry Network conference dedicated to helping wineries and wine brands discover and navigate the wide world of wine packaging. Featuring experts, insiders, and case studies—explore the intersection of Design, Innovation, Consumer Engagement, and Sustainability.

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Session 1: Alternative Packaging by the Numbers

Wine is steeped in tradition. But as our industry continues to evolve, we’ve found success in moving away from the traditional 750ml glass bottle. Wine drinkers are not only accepting these changes, they’re embracing them. Screwcaps, cans, pouches, boxes, alternative sizes—all serve to enhance specific drinking experiences for the modern consumer. This session will discuss all formats of alternative packaging and how they’re performing in the market, including which package types are gaining increased attention and which are decreasing in popularity. We’ll also take a look at some emerging trends and predictions for wine packaging of the future.

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Session Panel:                                         Session Sponsor:

Christian Miller, Research Director / Wine Market Council; Proprietor / Full Glass Research
Mike Provance, CEO / 3×3 Insights






Session 2: Sustainability in Packaging Practice

Sustainable packaging solutions can help a winery lower its carbon footprint, create a healthier workspace, and increase consumer engagement. This session will feature Lucy Pierce, Project Coordinator, from the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, along with Jessica Baum, Director of Regenerative Development & Sustainability from Fetzer Vineyards—one of the very first wineries to embrace sustainability-in-practice. These innovative women in wine will share their experience and expertise on how environmentally conscious packaging can boost wine business.

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Session Panel:                                         Session Sponsor:

Jessica Baum, Director of Regenerative Development & Sustainability / Fetzer Vineyards
Lucy Pierce, Project Coordinator / Sustainable Packaging Coalition







Session 3: Driving Consumer Engagement; Exploring the Future of Interactive Packaging

Wine consumers are increasingly utilizing technology when making purchasing decisions, and in the hyper-competitive category of wine, its critical wineries embrace that technology to boost customer engagement and stand out in the marketplace. This session will highlight how evolving technology is impacting the wine industry for the better, featuring specific case studies. We’ll also share information on how industries outside beverage alcohol are leveraging engagement tools and provide insight into what is possible for the wine industry moving forward.

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Session Panel:

Jean-Charles Boisset, Proprietor & President / Boisset Collection
Ed Rice, Executive Director / Affinity Creative
Paul Salcedo, CEO & Co-Founder / BottleVin






The 2022 packXplore packaging conference will be held In-Person on May 25th in Santa Rosa, CA. If you’re interested in attending the event and/or participating in the program, visit the event website here!


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