Get High Expertise in Gas Management at Bottling


Bottling is the winemaking stage that requires the most attention and expertise in oxygen and carbon dioxide management. Uncontrolled oxygen pick-up at this stage are irreversible and can have serious consequences on the wine quality. Join our webinar and you will learn: - Why does bottling is a critical step for the wine shelf-life - […]

How to Optimize Wine Shelf-Life with Closure Selection


Oxygen management at bottling and after bottling is crucial to optimize a wine’s shelf-life. Wine Quality Solutions by Vinventions invites you for a free webinar to understand the key points […]


How to Assess Wine Sensitivity to Oxidation


Polyphenols are major actors in the oxidation mechanisms and play a crucial role in the wine quality, being implicated in many aspects of the wine profile such as color and structure. Analyzing polyphenols all along the winemaking process can help better build a wine profile and build as well as its resistance to oxidation. The […]

Key Solutions to Optimize Your Wine Shelf-Llife

To preserve each wine profile and avoid rapid evolution, one of the key solutions is to better manage oxygen. Winemaking stages from cellar ageing to bottling are the most critical […]

How to Modulate the Wine Aromatic Evolution by Closure Oxygen Ingress


The aromatic profile of a bottled wine evolves mainly under the influence of oxygen to which it is exposed at bottling and during bottle aging. The closure permeability is therefore an essential choice criterion to modulate this aromatic evolution. This free webinar (organized in partnership between Vinventions and Infowine) focuses on the impact of oxygen […]

How to Manage Oxygen Before and During Bottling


Oxygen is one of the key factors affecting the wine shelf life. Managing well the oxygen, particularly during the final winemaking stages, is decisive for wine quality and shelf life. This free webinar (organized in partnership between Vinventions and Infowine) focuses on Oxygen management before and during bottling. These decisive stages in the wine shelf-life […]

How to Monitor Polyphenol Content and Lower Oxidation Risk


Polyphenols are a major factor in oxidation mechanisms and play a crucial role in wine quality, impacting many aspects of the wine profile. Managing the polyphenol content through the winemaking […]

Control Oxygen Ingress: Nomacorc Closures Give You the Choice


Oxygen management through closure selection is a critical step in managing wine shelf-life. Vinventions is proud to offer the Nomacorc line of closures - scientifically studied and proven to be the most effective closures available for managing oxygen ingress. Learn from our 15 years of research on closure oxygen ingress and discover how to better […]

Challenges and Solutions for Rosé Winemaking


What if you could optimize the color of your rosé wines and its evolution? Pre-fermentative stages play a crucial role to manage color and to lower oxidation risks on rosé wines. This webinar will focus on polyphenols and color management on rosé musts.  We will present: The role of polyphenols in oxidation mechanism and wine […]

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