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Boxxtech Launches Alcohol Vending Machine to Sell Pre-Packaged Beer and Cocktails with Automated Age Verification


Phoenix, AZ June 11 – Innovative vending company, Boxxtech, announces the launch of their second alcohol vending machine at Progressive Field, the home stadium of Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Guardians. Ballgame attendees can skip long lines and purchase beer and pre-packaged cocktails from the refrigerated The Boxx machine.

“We are excited to be among the first companies to make unattended alcohol sales safe and effective by embedding ID authentication directly into the machine,” said Boxxtech CEO, Lauren Smee. “For busy environments like stadiums and festivals, The Boxx is an ideal way to keep lines down for pre-packaged products, and reduce staffing costs while still serving the same amount of product.” Boxxtech first demo’d the technology at SuperBowl LVIII, where more than 1,000 beverages were dispensed before and during the game, generating more than $68 every minute it was operational.

Unattended retail has previously been challenged to sell 21+ products due to ID verification. Boxxtech integrates IDScan.net Age Restricted Vending package, which includes best-in-class ID authentication, capable of rapidly confirming customer age, and detecting up to 95% of fake IDs. The tech also includes face matching, ensuring that the customer in front of the machine matches the photo on a valid ID or drivers license. This technology replaces visual ID checks that would normally be performed by bartenders or event staff.

“IDScan.net ID verification technology was the clear winner among the three services we tested for integration into The Boxx. Not only does it successfully catch all fake IDs, keeping minors from accessing products inside the machine, but it was easy to set up without complicated business logic, providing us a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on every verification,” said BoxxTech CTO Chris Davis.

Boxxtech machines have served more than 27,000 customers since launch in April 2024. Two The Boxx machines are currently operational, with an additional 50 planned for rollout by the end of 2024, including at least one in a major league sports stadium, and a fleet for placement in a major hotel chain who is looking to sell beer in their lobbies without adding additional staff. The Phoenix-based company has already won several major awards, including the AZ Fire Inno Award by the Phoenix Business Journal, and the 2024 Female Founder Venture Madness Award. Additionally, Boxxtech has been awarded with the coveted Innovation Award for NFL Legends, and counts former Oakland Raider Lamarr Houston as its President. They are a Techstars portfolio company, with additional backing from the founder of RetailMeNot.

About Boxxtech

BoxxTech is an Arizona-based tech company founded by a visionary woman and a minority entrepreneur. Our groundbreaking invention, the patent-pending Verification Vending Machine, features proprietary hardware and is powered by our BoxxTech software, setting new benchmarks in what can be sold through vending machines. This innovative solution allows our B2B customers to safely sell age-restricted consumer goods with more accuracy to make sure consumers are 21+ with AI. Stay tuned as we embark on an exciting journey, having debuted at Super Bowl 2023 and Super Bowl 2024, along with several high-profile pilot programs. Now, we’re gearing up to launch with hospitality giants, large event companies, and additional stadiums this year, shaping the future of technology one groundbreaking partnership at a time. Learn more at www.Boxxtech.AI

About IDScan.net

IDScan.net is an AI-powered identity verification platform powering the ID validation and identity proofing strategies of more than 7,500 global businesses such as AMC Theatres, Rouses Market, Dave & Busters, and Circa Resorts. We focus on outstanding customer experience, data automation, and fraud reduction for high compliance industries.