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New York Sustainable Winegrowing Program Welcomes Nineteen New Certified Vineyards


PENN YAN, NY, May 21st, 2024 – The New York Wine & Grape Foundation is proud to welcome nineteen new certified vineyards to the New York Sustainable Winegrowing Program for 2024. These certified vineyards join the 49 previously certified growers dedicated to advancing the environmental, social, and economic sustainability in the New York wine industry. This voluntary, third-party certification program recognizes vineyards that adhere to the highest standards of sustainability, ensuring the long-term health and vitality of New York’s vineyards.

“It’s heartwarming to see vineyards from across the state, large and small, come together to build a sustainable winegrowing industry in New York,” said Justin Jackson, Sustainability Program Manager at the NYWGF. “Certified vineyards are dedicated to preserving the state’s natural resources and supporting its local communities.” 

The New York Sustainable Winegrowing Program provides a clear pathway for vineyards to achieve certification by implementing regionally defined sustainability standards. These standards are compiled in the annually reviewed VineBalance workbook, which encompasses 144 action items addressing various aspects of sustainability, including input reduction, soil health, water protection, resources and waste, energy conservation, ecosystem health, climate resiliency, continuous improvement, and social equity.

“Sustainable vineyard practices will be the baseline expectation for US wine consumers in the near future, so we want to make sure that the New York industry is prepared to meet that market imperative,” Sam Filler, Executive Director of the NYWGF added. “We have integrated sustainability as a key pillar in our promotions about New York wines. I extend my congratulations to those vineyards who passed their inspections and became certified vineyards as part of our program this year.”

Vineyards that meet all the requirements and are certified through the New York Sustainable Winegrowing Program are entitled to market their vineyard and grapes as sustainable. Furthermore, bottles of wine produced with a minimum of 85% certified grapes will bear the prestigious New York Sustainable Winegrowing Trustmark, serving as a clear indication of the winery’s commitment to environmental and social sustainability.

We congratulate the following Vineyards on their new sustainability certification:

Finger Lakes  

  • Amberg Grapevines  
  • Bet the Farm/Jacob Thomas  
  • Bright Leaf Vineyards  
  • Damiani Wine Cellars  
  • Neverstill Wines/ Hidden View Vineyard  
  • Kasper Vineyards  
  • Keuka Springs Vineyard  
  • Lakewood Vineyards  
  • Shale Creek Vineyards  
  • Simmons Vineyards  
  • Vine Enterprises Vineyard  
  • Wiemer Julia Vineyards  
  • Wiemer Serenity Vineyards  
  • Young Farms Vineyard  


  • Hudson Valley Vineyards  
  • Milea Estates Vineyards  
  • Whitecliff Hudson  

Long Island   

  • Bedell Cellars  
  • Oregon Road Estate Vineyards/Lieb Cellars/ Suhru Wine  

For a list of all certified vineyards visit our website at newyorkwines.org/industry/sustainability/

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